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Coming Soon: A blog focusing on that currently under-appreciated, but magical drink: hard apple cider.

I’m Dan, a technology worker and craft beer enthusiast from and living in Longmont, Colorado. Of late, I’ve become a bit of a hard cider geek, in terms of seeking out and evaluating the best hard apple ciders available in the marketplace, in terms of making cider myself, and in terms of researching and sharing the interesting history and culture around the cider tradition.  Hence, this blog.

While hard cider will be the primary focus of this blog, it will inevitably veer into tangential, related territory such as mead (honey wine), wine, orchards, bees, beer, and the purveyors of such things. I’ll retain as much focus as possible, but when a bright and shiny object appears and lures me down a rabbit hole, well, I’ll be dragging you with me. I’ll do my best to find the best rabbit holes for this purpose.

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the craft beverage world, where products, media, and culture–long-lost and brand new–surface seemingly every day. I look forward to navigating this world with you, sharing the experience, and hopefully providing you with some quality information along the way.



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