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Here’s your chance, folks, to help me make the site better and more targeted for you, the readers: take my online survey.

I started with a fairly general approach: I wanted to highlight and document interesting aspects of cider and mead–how to make them, features on new cideries and meaderies (particularly in Colorado), reviews of heretofore hard-to-find ciders and meads, resources/links, and whatever else struck my fancy.

Reviews/Commentary versus Tutorials/How-To Guides:

About 10 months into the blog, it’s apparent that, while the above approach works for me, it is likely not ideal for all of you–folks interested primarily in cider reviews may not care much about lengthy tutorials about how to make the stuff, and vice versa.

I’ve also come across numerous examples of blogs targeted toward one or the other of these topics (making the stuff versus sampling, enjoying and critiquing it), and I must say I like the focused nature of them. So a bit of self reflection may be in order here…as well as some external feedback, on this and similar topics.

Take the Survey!

Please take a few moments and fill out the online survey I’ve created for this purpose. It’s short, I promise.

Or Drop Me A Note:

I’d love to hear from you about your preferences–what else do you want to see? What don’t you see enough of? Do you have any organizational ideas or recommendations?

There are free-response questions in the survey for this purpose, Alternately, post something as a comment on this post, on the Facebook page, or drop me a note privately through the Contact Form.

Many Thanks!

Thank you for coming along for this journey into all things cider and mead. I hoped you’ve enjoyed it so far; I certainly have, and am thankful to have met some great people along the way.

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3 Comments on Seeking Your Feedback

  1. I enjoy the cider reviews and visit writeups most. Mead doesn’t speak to me as cider does…perhaps for mead content? Orcharding/gardening tutorials would be welcome, since there are so few out there. Book reviews would also be great.

    That said, I read every post and encourage you to post on what you’re most passionate about!

    • Thanks, Eric–I appreciate the feedback.

      I’m getting a few takers on the survey…I’ll summarize the results here when I’ve gathered a few more.

    • Here are the survey results if anyone is interested:

      Looks like reviews and site visits are a crowd favorite. There’s some overlap between cider and mead interest, but they are more segregated than I had thought. As you say, it may make sense to split the topics into two separate, similar sites at some point.

      My thanks to all who participated!

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