Cider Tasting Videos by Schilling Cider House

I recently stumbled upon some videos by the folks at Schilling Cider House of Seattle, WA, which detail some basic aspects of cider tasting, including:

  • types of cider
  • aroma
  • acidity
  • sweetness (brix)
  • tannins
  • mouthfeel

Check them out; I think they’re well worth the few minutes each that they take to watch.

Schilling definitely brings a Pacific Northwest perspective to the cider-tasting discussion. They feature many of the ciders of that region–such as Wandering Aengus, Whitewood Cider, and their own creations–as well as the experimental spirit that their cidermakers are known for, tackling such topics as infusing cider with fresh, exotic fruit and featuring ciders on nitro taps.

Have you had any of the ciders mentioned in these videos? If so, do you have a favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

For more about ciders of the region, see:

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