Help Save a Community Cider Tradition

Some of you may remember my post about a non-commercial community cider operation that I visited last year. If you don’t, check it out–it was an amazing experience for me and a great opportunity to see people coming together to do something they love.

That’s why I’m so sad to report that the barn housing much of the equipment for this operation–as well as the machine tools with which one of the founders makes his living–recently burned down.

I’m asking for your help in raising funds to rebuild it so that this tradition can continue.

What Is This Tradition?

I detail the cider operation here.

What Happened?

In January of 2015, Steven Jordan’s barn burned down, taking with it his machine shop tools and much of the cider operation including the home-built grinder, the refrigerated milk tank the cider is pumped into, and various pumps, motors, hoses, and cords used to operate the hydraulic press, washer, and juice pump. Thankfully, the press structure appearsĀ to be intact, as does the apple washer.











What Can You Do?

Head on over to the GoFundMe Campaign we’ve created for this effort and contribute what you can–your donation will help us obtain the materials and equipment to rebuild the cider operation and keep it going as a unique community tradition.

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