Mead Review: Savage Bois by Golden Coast Mead

Savage Bois is a mead by Golden Coast Mead of San Diego. It is a dry, hazy, floral, wildflower mead with plenty of complexity and just a bit of funkiness.

Savage Bois pours a light straw color with a bit of haze and a ton of fragrant wildflower on the nose, propelled by a lot of carbonation. In my case, the bottle geysered when I opened it and the kitchen immediately filled with a strong, floral wildflower honey aroma. I recommend exercising caution when opening one of these. To be fair, though, the very high carbonation level may in my case have had to do with being carbonated at sea level and then making the trip to Colorado before I got my hands on it.

The flavor was highly complex, though a bit confusing–there’s a bit of funk there but it’s not clear to me whether this is a function of the ale yeast, the wildflower honey, or both. I liked it a lot, but I imagine it wouldn’t appeal to everyone, and will likely vary year to year with the honey crop (wildflower honey being a mishmash of multiple floral sources). It is semi-sweet, with just a bit of pleasant, mild oak peeking through. There was a bit of lingering funk in the aftertaste.

Overall, this is a highly interesting mead and well worth a try in my opinion.

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  1. wow, that’s awesome.

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