Joining the AHA–a bit of a no-brainer

Whether you’re currently making beer, cider, or mead at home or not, if you visit microbreweries twice a week or more, a membership to the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) pays for itself.

Here’s how it works:

  • Join the AHA as an individual for $43/year.
  • Review the breweries or other establishments in your area which participate in the AHA Discount Program
  • Enjoy 10% off or other benefits at these locations when you show your card at these establishments
  • Enjoy all the benefits of AHA membership.


You live close to and visit¬†Lefthand Brewing¬†twice a week and have one beer each time. That’s 104 beers per year; at 10% off (assume they cost $5), as an AHA member you start to save $52 per year for something you were doing anyway

What are the benefits of AHA membership?

  • Six issues per year of Zymurgy magazine in print and/or digital format–Zymurgy is beer-centric but helpful for any home fermentationist and periodically includes articles about mead or cider
  • Annual member pre-sale of tickets to the Great American Beer Festival (this event sells out every year, so this is an important benefit if you ever want to actually get into the event)
  • The opportunity to compete in the National Homebrew Competition–which includes the BJCP cider and mead categories
  • Various other benefits–see here for the whole list

So, whether you’re looking to take the next step by entering your fermented creations into a competition or just interested in learning more about the hobby while enjoying discounts at your favorite watering hole, joining the AHA makes sense if you’re an enthusiast of beer, cider, or mead. Click below to start the sign-up process:

Join The AHA.

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