Eat Any Good Books Lately?

It was only a matter of time before I made a Science Fiction reference in a post title; in this case, a quote from Q. Hey, at least I didn’t mention Soma…

Anyway, books!

I’d like to welcome you to the new books page, where you’ll find books I recommend on the topics of cider, mead, or, increasingly, as I’m in the process of planning an orchard myself, apple trees and orchard management. This orcharding topic is enormous in breadth and depth, giving me a new respect for fruit farmers, nursery professionals, and arborists. I salute anyone who can persist in this difficult, and essential, field.

My recommendation for today is Apple: A Global Historyby Erika Janik. Part of the Edible Series of books, each of which details the history and culture around a certain type of food, Apple is a quick, concise history of the apple from its origins in Central Asia to its spread around the world, with plenty of information around the apple’s cultural significance, its influence on culture, and modern society’s impact on apple cultivation.

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